The Red Squirrel Trust

The Red Squirrel Trust is an Isle of Wight based charity comprising of a group of dedicated people committed to the protection and survival of our native red squirrels, their habitat and the species that share it with them. We also educate the general public about our native red squirrels.
We aim to educate and raise public awareness by:

    • Providing short talks.
    • Take guided walks.
    • Direct you to a facility where the public can see red squirrels.
    • Provide information packs.
  • Make educational films.

Organisations We Work With

Wight Squirrel Project: www.wightsquirrels.co.uk

Woodend Enterprises

No Hasssle Mobile Phones – https://www.nohasslemobilephones.com/

Red Funnel helped us by collecting donations to go towards making a film for schools.

The Red Squirrel Trust does not receive government – or any other – fundings so money to keep the charity running comes from donations, sponsorship, fund-raising, gift aid and grants.

You can help by Adopting a Red Squirrel for a year

Children can join the ‘Bushy Tail Club’

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